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1)If using the clear bandage please leave on for a minimum of 24 hours up t0 5 days. If using the black bandage, leave bandage on for 5-12 hours. 
2) Remove your bandage with freshly washed hands, wash off any dried blood and ink.
3) Wash your tattoo as needed (once or twice a day; if the tattoo gets dirty wash it immediately.
4) After a few days the tattoo will become dry and itchy. Avoid scratching and picking. Apply Platinum Rose lotion as needed. or another unscented lotion as needed.
5) Your tattoo should be fully healed in 3-5 weeks. During this time frame please avoid swimming, baths, tanning. (follow the motto: if it seems like a bad idea, it probably is)
If infection ever happens to occur during healing please contact a doctor immediately. 
Once fully healed do not forget to use sunscreen to help keep your tattoos from fading!


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